Warmoscomputers Backup Packages

Here at Warmoscomputers we offer a number of backup packages to suit any user and pocket. Choose from the three packages available depending on the amount of backup space you need.

All backups are carried out to a schedule to an off site location, on our secure servers.

Using fast servers built by HP and IBM, with the stability of Windows Server operating systems, we will hold your data in a secure environment on the Warmoscomputers servers.

Backup Packages

10-10-10 Deal 15-15-15 Deal

Backup Schedule

After you have purchased a backup package from above, backups will be run on a twice weekly basis and additional backups twice a month to ensure data accuracy, additional backups can be performed by Warmoscomputers on request, just log a ticket with support..

Once the backup is complete either we can email the backups to an address we hold on file, send the backups out on disk media**, via FTP from the Warmoscomputers systems or to a file store.

Payments By PayPal

VAT will be charged on all products from Warmoscomputers, VAT invoices available on request. Warmoscomputers accepts payments in a multitude of ways including monthly, quarterly or yearly for our services and also we accept payments in the following currencies Great British Pounds (£), US Dollars ($) and Euros (€). Warmoscomputers Ltd registered in England and Wales Company No:07829845, VAT Registration Number: GB160489010. **Additional Costing