Warmoscomputers News Archive

New Look Launched

Posted 1st January 2014

2014 sees the redesign of our website and the introduction of a new corporate look for warmoscomputers. Based on the newer HTML 5 standard and the existing JavaScript system, we have desgined a fresh, new and exciting site. Packed with new features and easily adapatable for future chagenges to benifit you our customers and bring you the best help and features for your online presence. Not only has the redesign change our front facing site, the new look has been extended to our coporate side from our staff and system email signitures to our stationary and invoices we send to our customers. Still in keeping with what we stand by in that we delivering the best service as possible.

Addition to the Team

Posted 31st January 2014

Today we welcome Laura to the Warmoscomputers team. in two roles not only taking up a role in directorship of Warmoscomputers Ltd, but also bringing her fantastic graphic design skills on board to the website design team.

         image above showing the old and the new sites.

2014 Warmoscomputers 10 Years old

Posted 4th February 2014

With 2014 upon us, Warmoscomputers moves into its 10th year of existance, and its 1st year of the full services being offered. We celebrate these milestones with the launch of the new look site.

News Archive Page Launched

15th February, 2014

Some slight changes to the site, we have now added a news archive page, all our prevous news articles will be here for you to read to see the progress we are making and also for you to be able to check back on any missed news from Us. You can access the News Archive Here!

Adverts Trial

15th February, 2014

From the 15th of February 2014, Warmoscomputers Ltd will be trialing Adverts on a select page. We have specified that these not be intrusive and are in keeping with the design and feel of the web site. For more information and any comments about the adverts or would like to advertise on warmscomputers.co.uk, please contact our advertising department at advertising@warmoscomputers.co.uk.

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