Warmoscomputers Useful Software

There is a lot of software available for use on the Internet, some of it you have to pay to use as in a licence and some is free to use (non commercially) and is open source and relies on the IT community to fix issues and create new fixes and release of software. Here we will showcase some of our staff and users favourites which they have come across.

FileZilla - Free, open source FTP Software, Easy to install and use and works across many platforms.
FireFox - Free, open source browser, Multi platform, customizable via extensions. Fast, Free Browser.
Pixlr - Free, Powerful browser based photo editor. Saves on install space and licensing.
Adobe Reader - Free, Document reader, most if not all web documents are now in PDF format.

Got a software package to recommend/share ? get in touch, and let us know and we will add it to our page.

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